We specialize in customized travel to the South Pacific, Asia and the Indian Subcontinent, offering custom designed trips for the discerning traveler. No matter how much time you have, or what you like to do, we can arrange the perfect vacation. We take care of all the essential elements involved in planning and booking a trip to make it hassle free and a totally memorable experience. Our goal here is to share with our clients and future clients information on the destinations we promote with the objective of steering you in the right direction on your next trip to our neck of the world. It is not our intention to sell you a vacation package on-line, quite the opposite. We recognize the desire for many travelers to organize their trip around a specific time frame or special interest and our personalized itineraries are tailored to meet these needs. When a client books with Pacific Experience they can be absolutely sure that their journey will be something they have never experienced before and a trip that they will remember for a lifetime.

The management team at Pacific Experience has traveled extensively throughout the Pacific, Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. is our intimate knowledge and love of these areas that ensures an itinerary tailored to a client’s individual interests and requirements. We have personally visited each destination and thus there is no team better equipped to give first hand information about where and when to go, what to see, which hotel is best and where to dine. We plan according to the client’s pace, the places they wish to visit and their individual budget.

 We take care of all travel arrangements, allowing the client to forget the daily planning routine that normally takes place. Instead they are free to make the best use of their time, enabling them to get the most out of their trip. Our itineraries are pre-planned, pre-booked and pre-paid prior to departure. We have partnered/affiliated offices overseas, which provide an extra measure of security when traveling. These offices give the client instant information and knowledgeable assistance at any time or in the event that a change in itinerary becomes necessary.

We believe the itineraries we design present the client with the best each country has to offer. Our aim is to plan a unique trip that is sensitive to their needs and desires, as only customized travel can provide. We are able to incorporate visits to private collections, cultural performances, and other local experiences. Our daily touring programs are flexible, and we encourage the client to discuss the day’s itinerary with their local guide to ensure all the sights they wish to see are included. Just some of the advantages of taking a customized trip include being able to give the flexibility of an unscheduled stop to see a local ceremony, snap a photograph, or enjoy a cup of coffee at the local cafe. We provide the client with a high level of professional service through our comprehensive and informative itineraries, our first hand knowledge, and our attention to detail.


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